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Founded on the belief that clients wish a more collaborative and flexible approach, e provide full bespoke global turnkey services from outline Architectural design and town planning and technology system construction providing professional project management.
Fibrecrete pre-engineered structures are very economical to produce and superior in quality,environmental considerations, life cycle duration and maintenance costs in comparison to all alternative forms of construction.
Safety & Quality Management Policy ExtractsSafety & Quality Management Policy Extracts- We adhere to a zero accident philosophy.- We are committed to a Safety Program requiringthat accountability will begin at the highest levelof management. Each level of Project Management, Contractor Management,supervision and employees will claim ownership in, and take personalresponsibility of their roles on the safety program and will act and achange agent to modify each employee’s behavior positively towardsworking safely.- We operate all systems and procedures to ISO2008-9001 edition- As leaders in our profession, we must deliver consistently services of the highestQuality that fulfills the expectation of our Clients (Customers) in all our markets.Protection and minimization of the
Our PRODUCT is “Green” and conforms to all of the four categories of LEED for sustainable housing. It usesOur PRODUCT is “Green” and conforms to all of the four categories of LEED for sustainable housing. It usesless of non renewable material than any other form of precast, cast in place or any other building system.Confidence has gained from the extensive use over the past four decades by builders and designers, whichhas led to more adventurous use of precast i.e. participation in load bearing situations and the ability forrapid construction with exceptionally good quality.Out-performs all building materials in every way and its only limitation is the DESIGNERS IMAGINATION(limitless).Our panels incorporate EE Steel Fibre into its unique structure which provides the ultimate building product.EE Steel Fibre™ is vastly superior in every way to regular steel reinforcement and other variants.EE Steel FibreReinforced Concrete (SFRC) stops cracks and spalling(concrete cancer) associated with normalconcrete even when fully submerged in sea water over long periods of time.SFRC is far more far more economical than normal reinforced concrete, it uses less raw material and therebyqualifies under the LEED Green foot-print with far higher quality, strength and flexibility.
- Economical – Proven Affordable Solution.
- Economical – Proven Affordable Solution.
- Full Turnkey Solution Service.
- Engineering Excellence.
- Architecture, Urban Development and Master Planning.
- Product Superiority in all Regards Compared With AlternativeMaterials.
- Environmentally Sustainable – LEED Green Footprint Approved.
- Low Risk Fast Production and Installation.
- Superior Performance – Very Long Life and Low Maintenance.
- Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Storm and Projectile Resistance.
- Utilizes Local Materials and Labor.
- Core Components Manufactured and Controlled by A.G.T.C- Lower Insurability