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Barrier walls include the following designs:

  • Jersey Barrier a .91Meter high wall traditional used   in a traffic control role
  • Texas Barrier a 3.7Meter high wall with steel reinforcing   and a slope sided base used primarily in blast protection   areas.
  • Alaskan Barrier a 6.1Meter high wall steel reinforced   with a rectangular base used in a established area as   perimeter wall protection.


The "Rehabilitation Home" is the most affordable solid structure home on the market using our patented products designed to allow repatriation of families back to their land and giving themback some dignity whilst they re-build their livelihoods.

This home is strong, built to last made from ourhigh strength concrete which has insulation built into the walls floor and roof keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer ready made with plumbing and wiring. Unlike other affordable homeswhich are NOT designed to last, the "Rehabilitation Home" is keeping you and your family safe whilst you rebuild your lives.

The unique construction allows for the home to bebuilt and transported and erected at the site you choose. All of the walls floor and ceiling are securedusing a special system that is strong, water-proof and quick assembly. If in the future you decide to build a larger property, the home can be disassem-bled and moved elsewhere using a normal trailer and loader.

No footings are needed just a flat compacted sub-base is all that's required and the home can be usually built in a day. Once the home is erected, all the services can be connected at the points pro-vided simply and quickly to the outside of the building and then your ready to move in and look for-ward to rebuilding your future.