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Cellate  have   been    engaged in  the  construction  of numerous   Tank nand Silo nprojects for  municipality and private farming projects in Sri Lanka, Australia  and UAE some of  which have been subjected to  highly corrosive product and are still  in perfect condition after 25 years. 
The  approach  and  build  method  of Cellate Silos and Tanks and are the  same ,  all containment structures therefore will be  water and air tight  and very robustcompared to steel tanks, and  won’t rust or collapse under vacuum and can be manufactured off site transported and erected efficiently.
As all Cellate  products, the  structural walls  are made As all Cellate  products, the  structural walls  are made from  patented super  high strength steel fibre concrete with an  insulated  infill  block. Each wall panel is post-tensioned  and then circumferentially tensioned making the entire structure very strong. The panels are also ab-rasive resistant yet  very  light  compared  to  ordinary mass concrete ,  cutting  down erection time and costs. The internal insulation layer cuts  down on  disparities between external / internal   temperatures   reducing condensation and thereby protecting the contents from spoiling.
The panel walls can be made  to suit any requirement  in size and shape making them  ideal for Silo and Tank  construction with either a flat or conical base, the  structure can be  made square or cylindrical. Typically containment structures can be designed with diameters from 3 to 25m and up to 25 m high and will outperform coated steel tanks with higher capacities. All penetrations i.e. filling chutes, breaker vents,  product rem-oval   systems and access ways are  designed and  cast in to suit the process requirements.